(1) Science Laboratory
The School has a well-equipped and ultra modern science laboratory which is second to none within the vicinity. This is
to enhance efficient studies.

(2) Intro-Tech. Laboratory
The Institution has fully-stocked technical equipments to
facilitate the study of technical subjects.

(3) Home Economics Department
Home Economics Department is also furnished with modern gadgets to facilitate effective learning.

(4) Commercial
It has a well equipped Typing Pool with enough typewriters etc.

(5) Hostel Accommodation
The school provides modern hostel facilities for both males and females. Feeding system is effectively managed and
maximum security is assured.

(6) External Examinations

  • Students are adequately prepared for both internal and external examinations like JAMB, J.S.C.E., WASSCE, etc. Registration of candidates and the processing of all examination documents are efficiently handled by the Institution.
  • Students are not allowed to register for external examination at Senior Secondary
    Class II (Two).

(7) Guidance & Counseling
The school also offers effective Guidance and Counseling facilities to help students in their choice of subjects and career.

(8) Computer Room
This department is stocked with up-to-date computer machines and other facilities for efficient studies, as a foundation for modern technology.


  • Ultra-Modern Audio-Visual/Teaching Aids
  • Seasoned, Committed, Dynamic and Well-qualified teachers.
  • A stand-by generator to ensure a twenty-four hour uninterrupted power supply.
  • A well-stocked and properly managed Library.
  • A non-profit-oriented Bookshop.
  • Efficient Security Network.
  • Well-equipped Medical Clinic with government- trained nurses.

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