Directors Note

I warmly welcome you all to the official website of the Olivesfield Schools, Lagos on I am pleased to introduce the Olivesfield Schools to you as the director of this great citadel of learning. I give all glory to God.

The name “Olivesfield” is culled from the Bible Passage Psalm 128:3 … ‘thy children shall be like olive plants round about thy table’. The Olives tree is a fruit bearing tree. It continues to bear fruit as it grows slowly and steadily reaching a great age. At its death, new branch sprout from its roots. The economic importance of olive tree and its fruit(olives) cannot be overemphasized.

The bible, likened children to the olive plant, such that when they grow up, they shall be like olive trees. In addition, Farmers say that no matter the quality of a seed, if you do not plant the seed in the right environment and nurture it in the early stages, the seed will die or have a stunted growth. That is why Olivesfield School is considered the right and ideal environment for “growing an Olive child.”

Our school’s mission statement is absolutely committed to utilizing divine abilities, using highly creative and endowed team of professionals to

spear-head the moulding, training and the development of independent life-long learners to lofty heights.

At Olivesfield School, there are highly qualified administrative and academic personnel. Qualifications recognised for our academic staff include a degree in education in the required subject area of specialization, or childcare related courses, PGDE or PGCE, Montessori Teaching Diploma (for pre-school). In the nursery and the primary sections, class teachers are often assisted by classroom assistants or teacher trainees whose work is to allow the class teacher to reach 100% effective knowledge impartation. Specialist teachers take subjects; like French, swimming, sports, music, elocution, creative arts, ballet, robotics, chess and they are all qualified in their field of expertise. Our activities span around co-curricular and extra-curricular such as excursions, debate and quiz competitions, mothers’ day celebration, open day/Parents’ forum, ICT, cultural day among others. We have various sports equipments to enhance adequate mental and physical development of a child ranging from basketball, football, chess, scrabble, shotput, javelin to table tennis.

The school website is open and accessible to the general public and I will like all to take advantage of this medium to get in touch with the management of the school at anytime.

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