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Olivesfield School are Champions at Moulding lives to lofty Heights.
Our School resumes September 9th, 2019

Welcome to Olivesfield School

Olivesfield School is well known for” Moulding Lives to lofty heights” and our academic, artistic, and community achievements place us among the top schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Directors Note

Mrs Christy Edem. Ed M. Ed

I warmly welcome you all to the official website of the Olivesfield Schools, Lagos on I am pleased to introduce the Olivesfield Schools to you as the director of this great citadel of learning. I give all glory to God.

The name “Olivesfield” is culled from the Bible Passage Psalm 128:3 … ‘thy children shall be like olive plants round about thy table’. The Olives tree is a fruit bearing tree. It continues to bear fruit as it grows slowly and steadily reaching a great age. At its death, new branch sprout from its roots. The economic importance of olive tree and its fruit(olives) cannot be overemphasized.
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This is a great opportunity to make your child/children to study with the best brains in the country. We have limited space left. Give your wards a legacy that would make them a SUCCESS!!!
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Moulding lives to lofty Height
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